About Asha

Asha Counselling and Training Services is the maiden programme of CHILD, Which is engaged in providing counselling and Training services to the public for better living. Asha is also engaged in organizing events and conferences for the dissemination of transactional analysis, as a theory and tool of human growth and development.

Centre for Holistic Integrated Learning and Development is a public charitable trust based in Coimbatore.

Vision Of Child

Drastic changes are taking place the world over in every dimensions : social, cultural, technological, economic and scientific. In the context of these changes traditional values, roles, and perspectives are under great stress. These perhaps are evolutionary processes, yet in the midst of all this flux and flutter individuals, families, groups and organizations are groping to find their anchor, goals, stability and productivity. Ours is an endeavor to reach out in charting these paths by giving ‘hope’ that social transformation is possible through personal change and growth.

We believe that people are OK, we all can think clearly at all times, and we decide how we want our lives to be.

Our Value Base

Our values are based on the basic philosophy of transactional analysis, namely:

  • People are OK as they are with all their strengths and limitations. Every individual deserves respect irrespective of age, religion, economic status, caste or creed.
  • All are capable of thinking and deciding for themselves.
  • We decide our life course and these decisions can be changed at any time.

Our actions are governed by the basic principles of transactional analysis, namely:

  • Open communication
  • Contractual method

Objectives & Goals

Our immediate goals are:

  • Providing systematic and scientific Counselling and Psychotherapy to improve quality of life.
  • Organizing on-going training programmes to develop psychotherapists or counselors.
  • Organizing personality development and allied life skills programmes to create awareness amongst the public.
  • Disseminating the principles and use of transactionsl analysis in personal and social domains.

Our long term goals are:

  • Establishing residential centre for training and development.
  • Reaching out to rural areas to create awareness and empowerment.
  • Community projects for the uplift of women and socially and economically deprived segments of society.