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Two Day Programme – Saturday & Sunday

TA 101: Transactional Analysis for Better Living

An introductory course on transactional analysis for personal growth and professional development, facilitated by accredited trainers of the ITAA.
– P. K. Saru & Team

Tools to Build Winning Organisations

A 3-part experiential workshop to provide tools to build winning organisations by balancing the three aspects of an organisation – individuals, groups and organisation. – C. Suriyaprakash, I.A. Mohanraj & K. Raguraman

TA Salad

This workshop offers space to taste various transactional analysis concepts and tools that can be used from the first moment of professional contact to diagnosis, contracting and working through. – Susan George

So Many Me

This two-day theater-based workshop built around role theory will explore questions such as: Who do I allow myself to be? Who do I struggle to be? How does a one “me” keep me away from another “me”? – Aruna Gopakumar

Programme on Saturday only

Personal Effectiveness

The programme addresses the downside of unconscious bias and how this one cognitive trait can ruin our ability to experience others in their totality. The discussion will move onto KSA principle and how the 4 most basic behaviours that we witness to any situation determines our level of peace, happiness and success. – Vikram Abhishek Mall

Programme on Sunday only


The workshop is intended to help the attendees understand the DSM classificatory system and its dynamics. This is specifically designed for the psychotherapy practitioners to use DSM effectively for diagnostic formulation.
– Gunasagari Rao