My experiences in TA Training at Asha

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

This quote encapsulates my tryst with ASHA. Going through a very rough patch of life with terminal illness and career uncertainties cutting a sad figure of my existence, ASHA gave me the much needed resuscitation to my asphyxiated soul. The sessions were just like a fall into the endless spirals of the rabbit hole of my own self and to confront the deepest fears. Mustering all the courage with the support of generous group members, I took the bull by its horns. A lot of revelations, both shocking and exciting, took my existence to a different level. During a personal work, I showed the audacity to expose the demons within me and experienced a strong catharsis. My eyes filled with tears, a rarity in my life – and my life was never the same. With the much shoulders of my group members to fall back, that is one moment cherished in the backyard of my memory. Slowly, I could nurture my inner self and get out of my comfort zone of all restrictions and limiting beliefs. By taking a bird’s eye view of my life through the lens of TA concepts, I could mend fences with my parents with whom I had a tough time getting along with. My friends could see my behaviour changing in front of my eyes and expressed their disbelief. My transformation from an infant to a toddler in self realization was only possible with the help of ASHA who took my hands to steady the faltering steps and be the guiding light. If I modify the dictum of Rene Descartes “Cogito ergo sum” and link with my tatg experience, it captures the essence of my take away from ASHA.

“ I am in TATG, there for I exist”.

~Manu,TA Trainee

Author: Asha Editorial Team

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