Training in Transactional Analysis : This training of internationally recognized standards is to develop professionals with competency in the fields of psychotherapy, Counselling , organizations and education. Our trainees are from all parts of India, Bangladesh, Iran and Ukraine. In India, our training groups are in Coimbatore, Bangalore and Calicut.

 TA 101 – introductory course in transactional analysis

  • Certificate and Diploma in Developmental TA – this is a course offered in association with the institute of Developmental TA, Uk.
  • Diploma in TA –offered in association with the South Asian Association of Transactional Analysts (SAATA)

Life Skills Training : These programmes are to increase awareness and develop autonomy amongst individuals. Anybody interested in personal development can attend these programmes.

 Effective parenting

  • Communication and Relationships
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • I discover my power : a workshop to bring out the latent potential children.
  • Script Analysis : to discover the course of out lives and make choices with awareness.

Continued Professional Development : from time to time we organise workshops by national and international experts for continued education and development of professionals, on


  • Family therapy
  • Body work therapy
  • Solution-focused bried therapy
  • Psycho synthesis